Frequently Asked Questions

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7HD and 7flix

Seven Regional HD (Channel 60) and 7flix (Channel 66) are free-to-air channels broadcast using MPEG4 technology (version 10).

All major recognised brands of televisions, set top boxes and Personal Video Recorders (PVR’s) purchased since 2009, including any devices bearing the Freeview logo, will have this capability, but those bought prior to 2009 may not support MPEG4 (version 10). Some old receivers which have not been compatible during the introduction of the MPEG4 (version 10) service have included:-

Schaub Lorenz Televisions
Baumann Meyer Televisions
NEC and Sherwood (rebadged NEC) Televisions
Next Wave PVR’s

If you are unsure if your current TV supports MPEG4 (version 10), you will need to refer to your TV manual or contact the manufacturer of your TV. If you’re unsure how to re-scan channels you should refer to your TV manual or contact the manufacturer of your TV.

How do I know if my TV doesn’t support MPEG4 (version 10)?
TVs that do not support MPEG4 (version 10) are most likely to demonstrate the following behaviour:
Channel 60 and 66 appear in the channel list, but the picture is black and the sound may or may not be heard.

Reception Issues?

Seven Regional covers a large and diverse geographical area. Every effort is made to ensure signal strength is optimised for our viewers.

There are a number of factors however that can lead to poor TV reception. These can include:

- Weather conditions
- Obstructions, such as trees, foliage, local terrain or buildings
- Interference from household items like appliances or light switches
- Inadequate antenna or antenna system

More information on interference and your antenna system can be found at:


If you are concerned about your antenna or antenna system, we suggest having it inspected by a reputable, local antenna installation expert who is endorsed under the Federal Government's 'Antenna Installer Endorsement Scheme' to restore reliable reception.

An endorsed antenna installer should be able to measure digital television signal levels, and recommend ways to improve or make the most of your reception. The endorsed antenna installer should also be able to offer advice about:

- antenna selection
- positioning
- orientation
- choice of correct cables, connectors and distribution equipment.

If you wish to report a suspected issue with broadcast transmission services, please complete the form located HERE.