Reception Issues?

Seven Regional covers a large and diverse geographical area. Every effort is made to ensure signal strength is optimised for our viewers.

You can review the frequencies and recommended signal for your exact location on the mySwitch website: http://myswitch.digitalready.gov.au/

There are a number of factors however that can lead to poor TV reception. These can include:

- Weather conditions
- Obstructions, such as trees, foliage, local terrain or buildings
- Interference from household items like appliances or light switches
- Inadequate antenna or antenna system

More information on interference and your antenna system can be found at the following link:


If you are concerned about your antenna or antenna system, we suggest having it inspected by a reputable, local antenna installation expert who is endorsed under the Federal Government's 'Antenna Installer Endorsement Scheme' to restore reliable reception.

An endorsed antenna installer should be able to measure digital television signal levels, and recommend ways to improve or make the most of your reception. The endorsed antenna installer should also be able to offer advice about:

- antenna selection
- positioning
- orientation
- choice of correct cables, connectors and distribution equipment.

Reporting an issue

If you wish to report a suspected issue with broadcast transmission services, please complete the form located HERE.